A constant commitment to innovation and excellence, and a dedication to always having our clients ‘front and center’ in everything we do, are just some of the reasons MLS should be your laboratory of choice.
Mon - Fri: 9:00AM - 5:00PM
Blood Drawing Until 4pm
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Our Essence

At our core, MLS operates on  

Empathy | Quality | Innovation | Service excellence 

Our commitment to innovation and our vision to be known and recognized as a trusted, indispensable, and progressive player in proactively contributing to a healthy population in the Caribbean region holds us accountable and continually reaching for the highest standards in service excellence.

On December 1st, 1992, a new era in laboratory services began on the island of Curaçao, when Medical Laboratory Services [MLS] opened its doors to provide the community of Curaçao with laboratory services of an unprecedented quality.  


The brainchild and passion of a close knit group of laboratory scientists, the lab was established to fill the gap between providing the highest excellence in quality, with meeting patients at the point of their individual need. Every patient that has walked through our laboratory doors since its inception, is treated as a person, with the highest regard for their time, their privacy, their medical needs, and their emotional wellbeing. 


This constant and consistent commitment to providing the highest quality results in a timely fashion, with guaranteed accuracy for evaluation by the client’s physician, immaculately clean and hygienic premises, and an empathetic and personalized approach towards patients, has allowed MLS to grow significantly over the years. We now offer strategically located branches throughout the island, some of which are also open on Saturdays. 

In October of 2012, we reached a big milestone when it was the first on Curaçao the receive the  coveted ISO 15189 certification by  the Dutch Council for Accreditation (RvA)  (M014). The legally appointed national accreditation entity for the Netheralnds, RvA evaluated both our management system as well as our technical capabilities, and has guaranteed to be an impartial, market focused, integer, transparant, and competent entity, by granting us this prestigious status. 


The ISO 15189 accreditation is an international benchmark for medical laboratories that is based on international standards for medical laboratories as well as quality management systems. This accreditation confirms that our laboratory complies with the above-mentioned international standards, thus assuring our clients that the service they receive from us meets the highest quality standards. Periodically audited by the RvA in order to maintain our ISO certified status, we aim high to supersede the standards required of us, and strive to constantly iterate and innovate to stay on the leading edge of medical science. 

Our Team


Mr. Helfrick Genaro

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Co-Founder

Visionary | Inspiring | Honest | Ambitious


Dr. Gygliola Balochie-Bonofacio

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Accurate | Trustworthy | Decisive | Considerate


Mr. Signiel Felida

Chief Automation Officer (CAO) and Co-Founder

Pragmatic | Social | Educator | Pioneer

Dr. Robert Wever PhD

Dr. Robert Wever, PhD

Clinical Chemist

Ambitious | Succinct | Driven | Pragmatic

drs. Fleur Koene-Bennett, MD

drs. Fleur Koene-Bennett, MD

Clinical Microbiologist

Decisive | Goal-oriented | Creative | Diligent

Dr. Angelino Tromp, PhD

Dr. Angelino Tromp, PhD

Medical Molecular Microbiologist

Analytical | Critical | Perseverant | Results-oriented

drs. Syendon Baromeo

drs. Syendon Baromeo


Goal-oriented | Perseverant | Responsible | Team player


Mrs. Rose Martina

Financial Manager

Problem-solver | Accurate | Trustworthy