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Frequently Asked Questions

Our MLS branches are located throughout the island, to best accommodate our community. The MLS headquarters are located at Suikertuintje, and we have branches at Perseusweg, in Brievengat, De Savaan, Molenplein, Tera Korá, Kas Chikitu, Montaña, in Sorsaka on the Caracasbaaiweg (Sentro Mediko Sorsaka), at the Sta Rosa Medical Center (Dr. Middlehof), and at the practice of Dr. Fillet on the Winstonchurchillweg.

For patients that are unable to visit one of our laboratories due to illness or disability, your physician can arrange for us to draw blood at home. Access our services information page for more information about our ‘at home’ service.

Find a the full address of our branches, contact numbers, and opening times here.

The following documents are required for us to be able to carry out your lab test:

  • Valid identification card
  • Passport
  • Sedula
  • Driving license

MLS will accept any of the abovementioned as proof of identification, as long as they are valid and have not gone beyond the expiry date.

Application form

Your doctor will give you an application form to bring into the lab. The form should include your name, date of birth, and the required laboratory test.

Valid insurance card

MLS accepts all valid local insurance card. In the event you don’t have a valid insurance card, we are happy to accept cash payment for your lab test. A receipt will always be provided as proof of payment.

MLS is a ISO certified medical laboratory, with a dedicated, highly qualified, and professional team of scientists and pathologists, carrying out tests in various areas such as hematology, immunology, clinical chemistry, allergy, infection serology, special chemistry, urine and feces. For a comprehensive list of all the tests performed by MLS, along with a brief explanation of the test, click here.

It is not possible for patients to request their own test. MLS can only honor tests requested by a physician or other certified medical entity.

It is not necessary to make an appointment. Our services are offered on a walk-in basis, during our regular business hours.

Usually the requesting practitioner will indicate whether the patient needs to be fasting for blood collection. Please feel free to contact us when planning to come in, so we can help clarify any doubt regarding this.

The time it takes for the test results to come back is entirely dependent on the type of test, the duration of the test itself, and how many times the test is performed. The majority of test are completed and reported back to the requesting physician within 24 hours.

It is possible for patients to pick up a copy of their own test results, upon approval of the requesting physician or medical entity. A valid ID must be presented in order to obtain test results. Please note that MLS always delivers a hard copy of the test results to the requesting physician or medical entity, and that results are not provided over the phone.

Unfortunately, for data protection purposes, we do not send test results via mail at this time.

The lab tests section of our website includes a brief description of all the tests carried out by our team, along with the related reference values, indicating which values are considered ‘normal’. We nevertheless urge you to consult your physician regarding your test results, as various tests are often performed and/ or analyzed together to get a comprehensive overview.

The cost of most laboratory tests requested by physicians and medical entities are covered by insurance. Please contact your insurer or insurance broker if you have any questions on this matter.

Medical Laboratory Services Facility
Common Lab Tests

At MLS we carry out a vast number of tests every day, but there are some that are requested more frequently. If you want to browse our list of most common lab tests, click on the link below.

All MLS Lab Tests

Our analysts and laboratory scientists conduct tests in hematology, microbiology, infection serology, special chemistry, and many more areas. For a complete list of the tests we carry out, click on the link below.