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World Diabetes Day

So, let’s talk about Diabetes. 

On November 14 the World celebrates World Diabetes Day. On that day, and throughout the month of November, we create awareness on the burden this disease has on individuals but also on the population as a whole as this chronic disease affects both. 

The central theme for this year is Diabetes and Nurses. It is important to realize that Diabetes is a chronic disease treated primarily at the primary care level for years. Therefore in treating this disease and slowing down progression, the team(work) at the doctors office is key. As a chronic disease, diabetes is mostly managed by patients themselves, but also in close contact with (specialized) nurses at the doctors office. 

But what can we do ourselves? 

We can minimize the risk of getting the disease by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy, reducing stress and exercise frequently are key elements of a healthy lifestyle. 

Some people are more at risk of developing diabetes. It is recommended to screen for diabetes at a 3-yearly interval after 45 years of age, if you are have other chronic conditions and/or risk factors such as renal failure, hypertension or elevated cholesterol and specifically if you have signs of diabetes such as urinating frequently or the urge to drink frequently. Having close relatives, such as a parent or sibling with diabetes also increases your risks. 

Please remember that diabetes is a chronic disease but that can easily be diagnosed by a simple laboratory test (fasting glucose), and can managed successfully with medication and a healthy lifestyle. 

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